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"Why We Must Fight!"

“Every Christian is called into spiritual battle for the Name of Christ. The Word of God is his weapon. The Spirit of God is his pure teacher and unfailing strength. Christ is his confident armor. Like a well-trained soldier the Christian warrior requires to be ready his spiritual weaponry. His vast artillery are the Holy Scriptures. His ordained method is spiritual warfare.”

— From “Why We Must Fight!” by Darrell C. Porter

"The Rationale"

"The Rationale", by Darrell C. Porter, is a 20 page treatise written primarily for pastors of Las Vegas, Nevada who may wish to consider the divine rationale for standing together as one Voice for Christ in their city.  Yet the contents of this booklet is relevant to any Bible believing minister anywhere. 

"In the Darkest of Night"

In these present times where the Light of Christ has turned dark in the lives of so many, this unique story will make you stop… think… then hurriedly want to share it with others.  Written by Darrell C. Porter